the mint patch


the mint patch




It all began five years ago

in the garden bed out front –

I saw a lonely spearmint plant,

just a little one.


I thought it cute, I thought it nice,

I thought I’d let it stay.

I never even watered it,

and now, to my dismay,


it’s taken over everything!

A quarter of the yard!

And getting rid of the mint

has proven mighty hard.


we cut it back with secateurs,

we cut it with a scythe,

we mowed it with the lawn mower,

it only led to strife!


It came back twice as thick and lush!

We shook our heads, dismayed.

We hit it with the whipper snipper,

what a mess we made!


We sprayed it all with weedkiller,

we prayed that it would die,

we sprayed again with Roundup,

enough to get you high!


and now we sit with bated breath,

we wonder, will it work?

For if we don’t soon kill the mint,

it’ll drive us all beserk!

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